Trade with edge, or don't trade at all!

Hi, I’m Bill Moore

Quant, trader, developer, entrepreneur

I have been designing and developing trading systems for the top global trading firms for several decades. Prior to that I grew an applications development business to 300 employees on three continents. That company was acquired by Perot Systems, where I was head of advanced technology for four years.

I am on a mission to help individual traders find their own success by targeting skills, knowledge, and analytics that are mostly unavailable to the individual trader. 

What is relative value analysis, and how can it help my trading?

I am serious about you having an edge.  Why?  Because without it your trading is doomed.  And candlestick patterns are NOT edge.  In fact  most technical indicators being foisted on new traders have zero edge.  None. Nada. Zip. So where do we find edge?

Various types of edge are used in the financial markets.  The “Warren Buffett” edge involves reading thousands of financial reports to find the companies with the best fundamentals.  The “high frequency trading” edge involves having the fastest connection to the exchange, in order to be first to exploit small advantages. 

Relative Value Analysis is one of the mainstays of the pros, and it delivers real edge. Our edge is based on this time-tested technique.  I have a free pdf, Relative Value Analysis with Trading Concepts, that discusses how.

Good luck with your trading!